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Dedicated to cross-country skiing.


Use your Apple Watch and the Nivean app to track your cross-country skiing sessions.

Family cross-country skiing


Replay past cross-country sessions on 3D maps to display changes in elevation and speed.

Woman cross country skiing on snowy path between trees


Take advantage of our specialized cross-country skiing metrics to improve your performance.

Replay Your Adventures

Improve Your Performance

The name “Nivean” (of the snow) is inspired by the Latin niv meaning snow.

Record your ski sessions

Track your ski session on an interactive 3D map, along with heart rate, elevation changes, and speed changes.

Two people cross-country skiing in the mountains

Replay past ski days

Replay your past ski session on a 3D map and review highlights — top speed, largest incline, highest heart rate, and more.

Crowded biathlon stadium in Italy

Improve with analytics

Discover how you can improve your technique with the help of Nivean’s analytics and machine learning.